Saturday, 30 April 2011

On Your Marks Get Set...2 Weeks to Go!

20 miles today!!!!!

My feet are nacking, and I have just polished off a huge bowl of pasta followed by 4 waffles with a pack of butter on each one.

What a walk today! Starting at Great Whittington, we marched up to Ryal, across to Hallington Reservoir (called in on Sol Campbell but he wasn't in), along to Capheaton, then the long road home via Kirkheaton, Ingoe and Ryal again. Beautiful scenery, beautiful sunshine but a cool breeze - not always behind us unfortunately!

Looking forward to a nice cool beer now...

On yer marks

get set


Sol Campbell's place.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Moonwalk 20 miler

Its the BIG training walk this weekend! 20 miles!!

Here's a route starting from Great Whittington and finishing on 20 miles exactly in Ryal (Eddie says he can pick us up from there) or we can stagger the extra 2.5 miles back to Whittington...

This route will have glorious views, but check out the gradient view to see if you think it might be too hilly.

moonwalk 22 miler

moonwalk 22 miler

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Moonwalk 18 miler

The 18 miler is finally here. Oh God!

Howsabout this route? It starts at Corbridge's carpark over the river. We go along the river to Dilston, through Dukes wood, down into Hexham, over the Tyne, through St. John Lee, up to Acomb, on to Hadrian's Wall, blah blah blah, on to Halton, then down the Aydon Road to the carpark again.

NewMoonwalk 18 miler

NewMoonwalk 18 miler

Friday, 15 April 2011

Moonwalk 16 miler

I am cream crackered!

Nearly 17 miles today from school to Matfen to the Tea and Tipple.

Got shouted at and fist wagged by a maniac driver for daring to walk on 'his' road, but apart from that a pleasant walk with great company. Beautiful countryside, quiet roads - and apart from the radgie man, very peaceful.

The Fentiman's lemonade, cheese scone with pound of butter, and coffee at the finish line tasted DELICIOUS.

school to tea and tipple 16 miler

school to tea and tipple 16 miler

Monday, 4 April 2011

Moonwalk 5 miler

This walk is exactly 5 miles - starting from the layby at Corbridge 1st school. A good one to do at a decent pace in between the longer walks at the weekends.

Moonwalk 5 miler

Moonwalk 5 miler

Moonwalk 14 miler

C'mon girls! We can do this!
Its a whopping 14 miles this week. Groan!
Here's Tishy's 14 miler from a couple of years ago. It starts and finishes at Brocksbushes. Just as well really as there's a nice little caf there for refreshments afterwards. 2 miles on top of the walk last Friday? Can't imagine it. Need to get the old hips oiled!

Moonwalk 14m

Moonwalk 14m

Another Moonwalk 12 miler

Here's another 12 miler that one part of the team did on Friday. Its starts and finishes at Matfen.

Moonwalk - 12 miler

Moonwalk - 12 miler